The Continuing Evolution of Family Constellations: A celebration of the work pioneered by Bert Hellinger

October 7-10
Omega Institute

Our goal in this forum is to expose participants to the work being done by some of the leading Facilitator-Teachers in the United States right now. Dan Booth Cohen, Peter and Jamy Faust, Steve Jimenez, Ed Lynch, Suzi Tucker, Susan Ulfelder, Mark Woylnn – each of whom has a close personal history with the Hellingers – have all forged unique paths related to Constellation Work. 

This is an opportunity to experience the rich unfolding of what Bert Hellinger ignited decades ago, whether it is offered in a group or individual context, combined with other modalities or staying close to the originating traditions, or focused on philosophical precepts and applications.

Mark will be teaching The Core Language Approach as featured in his upcoming book “The Secret Language of Fear.”

Other topics include:
Dan Booth Cohen and Emily Volden: To See with Your heart, Live Your purpose, and Love Your Life … An Integration of Ancestral Consciousness, Spiritual Archetypes, and the Sacred Earth

Jamy and Peter Faust: The Ten Universal Themes and their Relationship to the Soul

Steve Jimenez: The Philosophy of Bert Hellinger (moderated discussion)

Ed Lynch: My Family of Angels and Me – A Reunion

Suzi Tucker: Constellations, Mindfulness, and Self-Care

Susan Ulfelder: Seeing and Agreeing to the Past Will Set You Free


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October 7 - October 10

October 7th
7.00pm - 10.00pm

October 8th and 9th
9.00am-noon & 2:30-5:00pm

October 10th


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