Foundations of Hellinger’s Systemic Approach

San Francisco Bay Area

Prerequisite for students new to Systemic Therapy

This level is designed to provide a working knowledge of the principles, practical aspects and applications of Bert Hellinger’s phenomenological approach to working with family systems. Together we will construct a systemic lens through which students can explore their personal as well as their clients’ most complex and difficult issues. Students will learn to expand the traditional “family tree” to include those members whose exclusion or rejection caused discord in the family system. Topics will include: The Three Levels of Conscience, The 65 Orders of Precedence, Bonding and Belonging in Families, Unconscious Loyalty, Systemic Identification, Traumatic Repetition and The Four Unconscious Themes that keep us mired in destructive patterns. Upon completion, students will be able to begin to apply systemic principles in their own practices with groups, couples or individuals. In this level, each student will receive a personal Family Constellation.

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October 6 - October 9

10:00 am - 6:00 pm

160 Shoreline Highway


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Kari Dunlop