Wisdom for Everyday Living: Great Relationships


Wisdom for Everyday Living: Great Relationships

Are you free to love? Many of us experience our greatest challenge in the area of relationships. We find ourselves repeating familiar patterns in spite of our best efforts to change them. We might attack, withdraw, leave or be left, only to find the pattern re-emerging with our next partner. When we can gain insight into what we do and can consciously redirect our beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, we can open new ways of being with ourselves and with others.

In this workshop you will:

• Uncover the hidden dynamics and unconscious messages that stand behind relationship frustrations and affect intimacy.
• Learn what continues to block your relationships —silent sabotage, hidden family loyalties, invisible identifications, etc.
• Gain first-hand experience in seeing how your relationship style impacts another.
• Learn simple and practical tools for managing unconscious patterns and creating greater awareness.

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November 5 - November 6

10:00 am - 6:00 pm