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Let’s take things to the next level. Whether you’re already working with people or just want to learn more, this professional development course is open to those who have either personally trained with Mark, or have read IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU and have begun using the Four Tools of the Core Language Approach (chapters Six through Nine). This series is comprised of four modules. Each class is 2.5 hours long and is packed full of powerful information.

  • Learn the Core Language Approach — a specific method of questioning designed to quickly reveal the source of an issue
  • Learn to recognize The Four Unconscious Themes that can affect heath, vitality, success and relationships
  • Learn how to identify the trauma language that lives beneath the client’s story
  • Learn how to track the words, fears, symptoms, behaviors, and body language that lead to unresolved traumas in the family history
  • Learn how to create effective treatment plans that include dialogue, imagery, ritual, healing sentences, body-centered exercises and other practices based in neuroscience
  • Learn how to design individualized homework assignments that allow new images and sensations to root in the body

Class 1 – Getting to the Root of the Issue: The Core Language Approach
Class 2 – Effective Resolutions in Individual Sessions

Class 3 – Relationships: Unconscious Loyalties and Hidden Dynamics

$120 per class to purchase individually:
Class 1 – Register here
Class 2 – Register here
Class 3 – Register  here

$300 for all three sessions – register here

If you’re not sure how to construct a traumagram, Mark also teaches a class called How to Create An Inherited Family Traumagram. In this online class, he goes into detail about which family members must be included, which family members aren’t involved, and which non-family members need to be added. Several fascinating case studies are presented and broken down. This class costs $65 and can be purchased here.

Mark also teaches an online class that explores the underlying dynamics behind success, failure and managing money called An Unwanted Inheritance – How Generational Trauma Affects Our Financial Success. This class costs $49 and can be found here.

“These classes have been incredible. I’ve learned so many amazing tools to help people. This work has transformed my life.”
— Lita L.

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$300 for all 3 sessions


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