Level 4 – Trauma and Resolution (Tucker)


THIS YEAR LONG TRAINING PROGRAM is designed to provide a rich and deep understanding of Bert Hellinger’s phenomenological approach to working with family systems, as well as to provide a thorough working knowledge of the principles and practical aspects of facilitating systemic therapy in groups and individual sessions. We’ll explore the unconscious loyalties and destructive patterns present in our families and learn pathways that lead to possible solutions. With personalized guidance and numerous opportunities to practice all aspects of systemic work, students will gain the tools and skills needed to become effective facilitators. Profound internal shifts take place throughout the course of our experience together as new definitions of healing and health begin to take root.


24 days divided into 6 four-day weekends (Saturday through Tuesday) spaced approximately six weeks apart. This schedule is designed to allow students the time necessary to absorb the essence of the work, practice the tools and integrate the concepts.


January 19-22 (Tucker) Principles and Practice of Family Constellations

March 16-19 (Wolynn) Relationships: Free to Love

May 18-21 (Wolynn) Intake as Intervention: The Core Sentence®

July 13-16 (Tucker) Trauma and Resolution

September 14-17 (Tucker) The Stance of the Facilitator

November 16-19 (Wolynn) The Roots of Illness: The Origins of Well-being

THE COST: $750 per level ($350 for workshop only)


Principles and Practice of Systemic Work

  • The Therapeutic Stance
  • Levels of Feeling
  • Resolutions in Individual Sessions
  • Integration of personal and professional work, supervision and practice

“Orders of Love”

  • Orders of Precedence
  • Fate versus Free Will
  • Blind Love, Enlightened Love
  • Parents and Children
  • Daddy’s Girls and Mama’s Boys
  • The Interrupted Bond
  • Forgiveness versus Agreement

Limits of Conscience

  • Three Levels of Conscience
  • Guilt and Innocence
  • Bonding and Belonging
  • The Balance of Giving and Taking
  • Identification with Previous Generations
  • Success and Failure
  • Freedom and Emptiness
  • Systemic Messages
  • Working with Singles and Couples
  • Weight in Relationships
  • Aloneness and Failed Relationships

Trauma and the Body

  • Somatic Integration
  • Working with Illness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Self-Injury
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual and Reproductive Disorders

Trauma and the Family System

  • Working with Children
  • Integrating Splits
  • The Dimensional Reframe
  • Reconciliation versus Resolution
  • Perpetrators and Victims
  • The Effects of War

The Morphogenetic Field

  • Family Constellations
  • “Movements of the Spirit-Mind”

The Weight of Words

  • Intake as Intervention
  • The Core Sentence

A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from the Hellinger Learning Center will be issued at the end of the six levels.

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July 13 - July 16

10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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