Inherited Family Trauma Training with Mark Wolynn Module 2

Inherited Family Trauma Training:
Diagnosis and Resolution in Individual Sessions

Ready to take things to the next level? Join Mark Wolynn, author of the award-winning It Didn’t Start With You (Penguin, 2017), and learn effective ways to break inherited patterns of suffering. Whether you’re already working with people or just want to learn more, this professional development course is a fast track to deepening your clinical skills. Attendees will learn to explore words, fears, symptoms and behaviors in a way which, not only illuminates the core issue, but also the essential skills and resources necessary for implementing effective resolutions.

This 6-day training is separated into two 3-day modules.

Module 2: Effective Resolutions

For many of us, the effects of unresolved trauma blend into our words, emotions, reactions and choices in ways we never even think to question. In this level, students will learn how to work with both inherited and early-life trauma, specifically how to help clients shift the inner images that keep them stuck in repetitive patterns. Students will receive hands-on training in constructing a visceral, three-dimensional healing experience that allows a new image, with new sensations, root in the client’s body. Each time the new image is revisited, an opening is created in the body for greater ease and expansion. Students will learn how to design individualized homework assignments that help sustain integration. Students will also learn how to restore the aliveness to a damaged, empty or strained relationship with the parents.

In this training, students will:

  • Learn how to construct visceral, three-dimensional resolutions in one-on-one sessions
  • Learn how to use dialogue, imagery, ritual and healing sentences as tools for reconciliation
  • Learn how to create effective treatment plans that include body-centered exercises, breathing techniques, and other practices based in neuroscience.
  • Learn how to design individualized homework assignments that allow new images and sensations to root in the body.
  • Learn how to help clients break long-standing patterns of illness, fear and unhappiness

“Mark’s uncanny ability to uncover the essential dynamics operating beneath physical complaints is nothing short of miraculous.”  – Dr. Bruce Hoffman, The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine

“Mark took my practice, understanding, scope and depth of this work to a whole new level.”
– Felice Laurel, Family Constellation Facilitator

“This model of therapy has provided me with valuable answers to some of the most complicated questions, both personally and professionally.” – Gemma Stone, Registered Clinical Psychologist

 “As medical doctors, we often treat the symptom.  I’ve witnessed Mark identify the pattern and treat the cause.” – Dr. Russ Kennedy

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