Family Constellation Workshop with Mark Wolynn

January 18
San Francisco

Unconsciously, we relive our mother’s anxiety. We repeat our father’s disappointments. We replicate the failed relationships of our parents and grandparents.  Just as we inherit our eye color and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family. Illness, depression, anxiety, unhappy relationships and financial challenges can all be forms of this unconscious inheritance. 

Family Constellations reveal the hidden dynamics and family loyalties that keep us rooted in destructive patterns. In this one-day workshop, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.
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January 18 - January 18

10am - 6pm

Holiday Inn Express Mill Valley
160 Shoreline Hwy.
Mill Valley, CA


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Kari Dunlop