Body Centred Psychotherapy

We experience life through thinking, feeling, sensing, movement and inner body awareness. When a trauma occurs, or the stress of life becomes overwhelming, an imbalance is created.

Our emotions may become blocked. We may feel depressed or anxious, or on the verge of constant tears. Our body may become numb or rigid. Our thoughts may become obsessive, self-defeating or intensely fearful. We may act out through addiction, panic attacks, aggression or passivity.

Getting to the source of the wound is imperative if therapy is to be successful. In this work, frozen body patterns are brought to awareness and allowed to find a natural release. Frozen feelings are encouraged and expressed. Deep, spontaneous releases of emotions, sounds, breath and physical movements are gently supported. New awareness, feelings and physical sensations are then integrated into conscious living.

As the physical and emotional aspects of ourselves become conscious, thoughts begin to change. This is a cyclical process. As thoughts change, there are also changes emotionally and physically. Ultimately, our options expand so that we can make healthy choices with intention and clarity.

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