The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Social Work

The Phenomenological Family Systems Therapy of Bert Hellinger

Considered one of the most innovative psychotherapists in the world today, Bert Hellinger has revolutionized the heart and soul of family systems therapy. His phenomenological approach to healing uses “family constellations” to expose the hidden and often destructive dynamics in family systems. With deep respect for what he terms, “the Orders of Love,” possible solutions and healing resources can be implemented. Hellinger’s approach to family therapy is practiced in more than 30 countries around the world.

Family constellation is a 60-minute group process that has the power to affect generations of suffering and unhappiness. This process allows people to untangle themselves from unconscious loyalties and offers a profound, concrete, and lasting solution. Through this significantly experiential workshop, you will be:

  • Introduced to Hellinger’s phenomenological approach to family systems group therapy, its principles, and theoretical understandings
  • Able to identify the theoretical differences between Hellinger’s work and other models of group and family systems therapy
  • Able to personally experience family constellation work, either as clients, participants, or observers
  • Able to identify ways that Hellinger’s family systems therapy can be implemented in clinical practices with groups, couples, or individuals

CEUs: 6 hours (LSW, Psych, NBCC, CAC)