The Core Language Approach

Getting to the Core of the Issue in Four Questions

The language of our deepest fears—our Core Language® – can stem from an unresolved trauma in our family system. For many of us, the effects of trauma blend into our words, emotions, reactions and choices in ways we never even think to question.

The Core Language Approach® is an effective therapeutic process for resolving issues at their source. Developed by Mark Wolynn, the CLA® quickly exposes the root causes behind many of the emotions, behaviors and reactive patterns that keep us mired in our daily lives.

In this training, therapists will:

  • Learn a specific method of questioning and interviewing designed to quickly identify the core trauma underlying a client’s issue
  • Learn how to recognize the Core Language® beneath a client’s story
  • Learn to follow a client’s Core Language Map® back to an unresolved traumatic event in the system
  • Learn how to retrieve the “lost language” of the trauma and locate where these missing sentences belong in the system
  • Provide clients with a context for understanding the symptoms they’ve been experiencing
  • Learn how to implement a practical and effective resolution
  • The Core Language Approach® has the power to interrupt the cycle of trauma and release clients from limiting patterns of anxiety and fear.