What people say about…

Private Sessions

“I found the session to be life-changing. Ironically, I started a beautiful, healthy, and loving relationship shortly after we spoke.”
Maggie W.
~Maggie W.
“Thank you again for your wonderful work. My time with you was life changing.”
Koree S.
~Koree S.
“He had incredible insights into my situation and the advice he offered will be truly helpful,  I have already felt a change starting in my life outlook because of a new awareness for what is truly happening.”
Jeff G.
~Jeff G.
“Our session has put me on a path of healing that I have not been able to find with any other modality.”
Carla Green BScPT, Reg.Ac. 
~Carla Green BScPT, Reg.Ac. 
“Thank you for the work you did with my husband and me. It’s been transforming.”
Cassie D.
~Cassie D.
“I went into the session with you thinking that I was probably never going to see my parents again. When I left, I booked a flight to see them. Frankly, the results of a single session with you were nothing short of miraculous. I have never experienced such rapid transformation.”
Jason M.
~Jason M.
“That was probably the most powerful therapy session I have ever experienced. I have experienced a major shift.”
Debby Q.
~Debby Q.
“Thank you for the work you did with my husband and me. It’s been transforming.”
Isabelle Johansen
~Isabelle Johansen
“Frankly, the results of a single session with you were nothing short of miraculous. I have never experienced such rapid transformation. My relationship with my mom and dad is unrecognizable. I have learned to ‘take’ love from them, and genuinely feel love and tenderness towards them. I have reached a level of acceptance for who they are which is unprecedented for me.”
Tony M.
~Tony M.
“Mark’s ability to see into the “issue” at hand (& heart) is soulful, helpful and full of powerful healing. His awareness and intuitive finesse guided me through a truly powerful breakthrough… I look forward to more constellation healing ;~}”
Dawn Alane-Kelmenson
~Dawn Alane-Kelmenson
“I had a powerful one-on-one with Mark. His diagnosis skills are amazing…. The healing is palpable. I was able to get to core issues and create some ease and freedom within.  The effect is still working itself out.  I can feel it…. I suggest you drive to Marin to be in the same room with him.”
John Mifsud
~John Mifsud
“I learned so much from you indirectly in regard to the work that you did with one of my clients. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of understanding around the idea of bonding in illness and continuing family legacies of destruction, illness and death.”
Judith Gusky
~Judith Gusky
I had a wonderful sense of peace after our conversation. With gratitude,
Laurie B
~Laurie B
“Mark Wolynn is an insightful, perceptive, intelligent, authentic teacher / facilitator with this unique ability to hear the Core Language to uncover the hidden dynamics of health or emotional challenges. A private session or a workshop shared with Mark is one where inner transformation occurs. I would recommend him with confidence.”
Johanna Lynn
~Johanna Lynn
“I like to thank you again for taking the time to talk to me yesterday.  I felt a lot of pressure was released.  I have decided to get back in touch with my mom soon.  You are right. She deserves more respect from me.  I can’t wait to talk to her. Thank you for making it happen!”
“I feel like my whole world has changed.  I’ve gone from believing that I’ve been sold short all my life to realizing how very blessed I’ve been.  I suddenly feel like I have a lot more love to give.  My daughter and I are closer and my husband and son are bonding.  There were changes immediately!  In fact, I changed around the seating at the dinner table and no one said a word.  Ha, goes to show you the power of a mother! Thank you so very, very much for your work.  I have a feeling that I’ll be increasingly more thankful in the months and years ahead.”
Anne R.
~Anne R.
The lack of love or connection from my parents has always been my story and the belief that there is something inherently wrong with me. But, now I see where it comes from and how to move forward to heal it. It is time to take my life back. I now have passion and hope—something I have not had in many, many years! Thank you Mark!
Gerry J.
~Gerry J.
“When my clients can benefit from doing deep work, I don’t hesitate to send them to Mark. He has the ability to guide people through difficult issues with great insight and compassion”
Alexandra Kreps, MD
~Alexandra Kreps, MD
“I have been ‘drug-free’ and depression free for over 18 months!”
Caitlyn M.
~Caitlyn M.
“I want everyone I know to go see you. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better everything is. My daughter not only returned home, but things are great between us. I can’t thank you enough for the huge turnaround in our lives.”
Melissa B., Marketing Director
~Melissa B., Marketing Director
“Thank you for the very healing session. I feel a difference already. Of particular note — my son said to me when I returned, ‘Mom, I feel improved since you left, like I can live on my own now.’ This was out of the blue, uncharacteristic and amazingly affirming. Appreciate your work!
Sara Carlotti, Psychologist

~Sara Carlotti, Psychologist

“The cat allergies have lessened, and I’m not afraid of cats anymore. I no longer have that burning sensation in my eyes. The eye doctor even changed my eyeglasses to a weaker prescription.”
Bonnie Rothrock, Engineer
~Bonnie Rothrock, Engineer
“Our session was only last week and i feel a much greater sense of direction, where to take things now and what I need to do. I have already made some of the steps. So thank you for that and I am sure I will be writing again to thank you.”
Carrie G.
~Carrie G.
“I felt total comfort in Mark’s presence. His gentle and supportive manner allowed me to confront some very difficult issues.”
Nikki Zapach, Clinical Psychologist
~Nikki Zapach, Clinical Psychologist
“After the session, my stage fright was completely gone. My friends and teachers tell me I seem like a whole new person. I would definitely recommend Mark and his work.”
Lisa Arianna, Actress
~Lisa Arianna, Actress
“Thank you again for all that you have helped me to see. I am constantly amazed at the depth of your perceptions of occurrences and their solutions. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your expertise.”
Alice McIlvane
~Alice McIlvane
“I can’t thank you enough for our session today. After leaving your office, I felt like a great weight had been lifted from me. It was incredibly liberating. Before seeing you, I felt like I was floating, and I didn’t have any real direction or purpose; there wasn’t an end in sight for me. I can’t begin to explain how much you’ve helped me and how awakening this whole experience has been. In such a small amount of time, you have made such a profound impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful to you for that. This has been a life-altering experience. I will never look at life or death in the same way again. You do such incredible and admirable work, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me today.”
Beth Shafer
~Beth Shafer
“I just wanted to thank you: Gloria and I just had our four month anniversary. Our sex life is great, and in general, we are great. We owe so much of that to you! Thank you so much. You have made such a positive impact on our lives.”
Darryl K., Writer
~Darryl K., Writer
“Yesterday’s session was truly profound…today, I feel lighter and more at peace than I have in quite a while. Your careful, thoughtful and respectful guidance has (once again) helped me tremendously. Thank you for bringing some clarity into this morass of overwhelming feelings that I have been grappling with.”
Lorie Obernauer,
~Lorie Obernauer, Business Owner
“I was so impressed with his client work that I hired him to facilitate classes at my Holistic Health Center.
Deborah Barr, Director, Whole Health Resources
~Deborah Barr, Director, Whole Health Resources
“There is no way I could have done this without your help. The difference you’ve brought about in my life continues to be remarkable. My relationship with my brother is on a whole new level. I have an entirely new approach to life now, thanks to you. I am forever in your debt.”
Susan Nelson, Actress
~Susan Nelson, Actress
“I never realized how traumatized my body really was. I had seriously never ever cried in that way, and I felt very safe with you. I felt terrified, but I knew I was going to be OK. I can’t thank you enough for your leadership and guidance. I am continuing to feel the effects of the therapy, and no longer feel as adamant about being alone.”
Norena B.
~Norena B.
“Please use my experience, my story – as well as my work with you – to educate others (about self-injury) that there is help. I would also like to say a big THANK YOU – for helping me… well for saving my life and renewing my hope.”
Erin O’Conner
~Erin O’Conner
“I’ve tried psychotherapy before, but it didn’t work, and I didn’t want to take medicine. The work I did with Mark helped tremendously, giving me insight into my phobia. I no longer have the thought that something terrible is going to happen.”
Susan Dixon, Administrator
~Susan Dixon, Administrator
“Mark, I just want to thank you again for your role in my healing process. I feel that I owe you a debt of gratitude. Without your help and support, I don’t believe that I would have been able to successfully work through the trauma of my past. I have to admit though, at first I was quite nervous at the thought of working with a male therapist. My fears were quickly allayed after experiencing your kind, soft-spoken manner, your gentleness and your compassion. You truly are a wonderful therapist.”

Michelle Newhart, Psychotherapist
Michelle Newhart, Psychotherapist
“You are doing God’s work. I wanted to tell you that I feel like a crushing weight has been finally lifted off of me.”
Marissa M.
~Marissa M.
“My son seems to be in remission with the ulcerative colitis. Still on meds, but to date, no flare ups. Thanks so much.
Carole T., Accountant
~Carole T., Accountant
With great insight and instinct, Mark took me to depths I never thought possible, unlocking memories deep within my body. He has helped me to come to terms with my soul’s suffering and connect me more deeply with my life’s purpose.
Betsy Reiling, Homeopathic Physician
~Betsy Reiling, Homeopathic Physician
I was a bit skeptical about hypnotherapy, but Mark made me feel very comfortable. I found him to be knowledgeable, professional and personable. He had me explore some feelings that had been nagging my subconscious for years. The process was much more relaxing and easier than I expected. When we were finished, I truly felt I had a clearer understanding of many of my core feelings and beliefs.
Seth Toback, MD
~Seth Toback, MD
I feel so much lighter. That wet blanket feeling, all that heaviness is gone. I’m excited again. I’m even looking forward to reconnecting with my job. Also, my sinus headaches have relieved.
Ann Beitz, Medical Sales
~Ann Beitz, Medical Sales
My son is changing in great ways. He’s happier, more energetic, less angry. His passion for skiing has returned. I feel like I have my son back. Thank you.
Susan V, Consultant
~Susan V, Consultant
“Thank you for the wonderful gift of helping me to understand so much of what I have been thinking and feeling for so long. So many questions have been answered (as well as prayers). I left your office feeling alive and powerful and also peaceful and hopeful. The feeling has remained.”
Leah Beil, Teacher
~Leah Beil, Teacher
“My sweating has improved. I have only had 1 or 2 episodes, not nearly as severe since we met. I noticed several times I have been in situations that may have induced the sweating and I did not. I do notice a feeling of weight being lifted from my shoulders.
Gary P., Account Executive
~Gary P., Account Executive
“I have changed significantly. I have only had 1/2 of a drink very socially since working with you. Smile.”
L. Baron, Business Owner
~L. Baron, Business Owner
~Elaine L., Therapist
“Since we talked on the phone so much healing has taken place in my life. I am completely at peace, never felt quite this way before, and I am truly enjoying my own company.”
Cecilia R.
~Cecilia R.
“Thank you again, Mark, for the excellent session yesterday. I’m already feeling more freedom to be me! My perception of my mother (as someone who judges and criticizes me) has shifted and dropped away. It feels good!! I’m very grateful to have met such a masterful practitioner who’s able to bring about such rapid transformation ;-)). I’m very much looking forward to calling her in the next few days, and to deepening our relationship.”
Shakti B.
~Shakti B.
“I’m so grateful. Tonight I had the best conversation with my Dad about the love we have for one another. We’re closer than ever. I took your advice to tell him how much he has taught me. That was last Christmas. You were right. I couldn’t have given him a more perfect gift.”
Blake V.
~Blake V.
“What a superb session. The change I’m feeling within is PROFOUND.”
Mary L.
~Mary L.
“I’m doing great. My sons and everyone else in my life continue to reap the benefits of the work I did with Mark.”
Bob V.
~Bob V.
“Where talk therapy and medication failed to do anything for me, it took only two sessions with Mark for me to be freed from the anxiety that had been plaguing me for seven years. Each day felt like a giant, prolonged anxiety attack where I could never fully calm down. Now the physical symptoms are essentially gone, and I am able to live the life that I had many times thought I would never be able to live again. I have gained a new respect and appreciation for the life I once took for granted.”
Mike Sinclaire, Graduate Student
~Mike Sinclaire, Graduate Student
“I no longer eat to destroy myself, I eat to nourish. And there’s a wonderful man in my life who I am having so much joy learning about. That’s been impossible until now. Thank you.”
Dana G.
~Dana G.
“Thank you for seeing my mom. She said you are a very gentle man. The following day she told me, she felt like a huge load had been lifted from her.”
Donna Sullivan
~Donna Sullivan
“You made it very comfortable to discuss topics that aren’t always so easy for me to share. Thank you for guiding me towards a better place, and for the opportunity to know myself better.”
“It’s been well over a year since I’ve taken an antidepressant and I feel great.  I’m sure you helped many people in your life time but I wanted you to know you truly made a difference in my life and I’m thankful everyday to be so blessed to have had the opportunity to cross paths with you. A lot of people around me are amazed at the difference in me.”
Angela S.
~Angela S.
“Mark has helped me heal my colitis, and continues to support me in ways that I wouldn’t have ever imagined. I greatly recommend him.”
Christopher Brown, Sales Specialist
~Christopher Brown, Sales Specialist
“Thank you, Mark, for your generosity of heart, great teachings and amazing guidance in the Workshop this past weekend. I feel so honored to have had you come to Glen Head to offer such a powerful workshop.”
Lorraine Aguilar, Owner YOGA FLOW STUDIO
~Lorraine Aguilar, Owner YOGA FLOW STUDIO
“I’m doing great. I continue to make our interesting journey down the Lymes road.  My sons and everyone else in my life continues to reap the benefits of the work I did with Mark.”
“The work we did has moved me from “good enough” and “I wish I had cancer and could be done with this” to “a good man who wants to see what happens next in my life”.  I can’t thank you enough.”
Bob T.
~Bob T.
“I think I’ve dropped about 10lbs since the workshop. Interesting indeed”
Cindy Yim
~Cindy Yim
“Mark is a very skilled and elegant family constellation practitioner and this is a very rich, relationship-based method.”
Cath Duncan, Social Worker
~Cath Duncan, Social Worker
“I had a long-standing anxiety that seemed out of balance to reality. While in Mark’s training, using Mark’s approach to Family Constellations, the origin of this fear was brought to light. I have not held the same feelings since. New pieces of awareness continue to unfold every day deepening and expanding this healing. Thank you, Mark, for your outstanding facilitation.”
Core Language Trainee
~Core Language Trainee
“Since we spoke I have been experiencing complete bliss throughout my entire physical body.  My body feel’s radiant, my gaze is gentle and kind, my breath is free and my hearing near celestial.  For the first time in my entire life I feel very comfortable, at peace and safe inside of myself.  I no longer feel the need to “escape”.  It feels really good to be at home…”
Tanya G.
~Tanya G.
“Since I worked with you last year, I no longer use pills to cope. That’s huge.”
Denise S.
~Denise S.
“Just wanted to let you know I seem to be feeling better, with fewer obsessive thoughts. And the ones that persist are less painful to encounter.”
Glenn M.
~Glenn M.
“I battled depression and anxiety for more than half my life and went through years of therapy, counselling, medications. One failed remedy after another. I was amazed that after meeting with you just one time, I made more progress with you in one 1 1/2 hour session than I did in 16 years of therapy. I have had three total sessions with you and that’s all I needed – a mere 3 months and I have my life back! Thank you again!”
Amy S., Accountant
~Amy S., Accountant
“I have sent Mr. Wolynn several patients who were not responding to our conventional medical therapy, and they have all improved dramatically. Several patients have discontinued use of all psychiatric medications. I recommend him highly.”
Adele Towers, MD
~Adele Towers, MD
“Since our meeting, my night terrors have completely stopped. After years of suffering from this problem, needless to say, I am very relieved.”
Dan T., Paramedic
~Dan T., Paramedic
“Mark has the extraordinary gift to see what needs to be seen in order for deep healing to begin.”
Gemma Stone, Registered Clinical Psychologist
~Gemma Stone, Registered Clinical Psychologist
Workshops and Training

“Since coming to your workshop I’ve been seeing an improvement in my irritable bowel syndrome.”
Allison M.
~Allison M.
The work you do to embody the trauma is so efficient and so direct that I feel like I have been waiting a long time to experience it in this way
I attended Mark’s workshop this weekend in Victoria and I loved his approach to constellation work. Research-based, attachment-based, very accessible to those brand new to the modality. Everyone got the chance to do some work, everyone received take-away practices. And Mark’s personal presence is warm and grounded, blended with a precision based on decades of experience in listening to what shows up. Thank you Mark!
“As medical doctors we often treat the symptom, I’ve witnessed Mark identify the pattern and treat the cause.”
Dr. Russ Kennedy
~Dr. Russ Kennedy
“I took a 3-full day workshop with Mark Wolynn last year called “Family Constellations”. The healing and utilization of collective energy to heal and offer resolution I witnessed was nothing short of miraculous.”
Geoffrey Schwartz
~Geoffrey Schwartz
“I just wanted to thank you for all of your teachings. I’m am filled with gratitude as my understanding deepens. Each fleck of wisdom shines a light of compassion on the world around me and I see opportunities for something better. I look forward to learning more.”
Gregg S.
~Gregg S.
“I’ve participated in many constellations and trainings. I have to say Mark Wolynn is the best I know. It’s some of the most powerful re-programming of unconscious patterns that I’ve found.”
Georgia R.
~Georgia R.
“Settling back in after amazing training. It had more of an impact than I realized–I mean as a client, not just a student. Such rich work…”
Liz M.
~Liz M.
“And Mark’s intuition and trust in his skill as an instructor is simply incredible to be around. He’s a master at his ‘craft’, no question about it!!!”7
Jessica K.
~Jessica K.
“I was in awe of your intuitiveness, insight and your trust in yourself. Your are such a role model for ME, and I thank you for this.”
Judy B.
~Judy B.
“Your work is very inspiring, and touched me very deeply. Your compassion, sincerity, and ability to facilitate insight and change is truly amazing!!”
Shelley Gordon RSW, RCC
~Shelley Gordon RSW, RCC
“I appreciated your clarity of presentation when constructing the family constellations, and how much learning I gained from your work.  Thank you for your generosity in sharing of your knowledge and wisdom.”
Marga Hanna Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, MA, RCC, ATR
~Marga Hanna Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, MA, RCC, ATR
“I attended the Free to Love workshop that Mark held at the New York Open Center on Saturday and found it to be the most informative day I have ever had.  I have already started putting Mark’s suggestions into action.”
Janet L.
~Janet L.
“I feel like I got the tip of the iceberg, of what Mark has to teach, in the one day workshop Mark just offered in NYC. It was great and I want more.”
Danica M.
~Danica M.
“Your strong fierce boundaries allowed me to trust you, which is very,very rare for me. You held the space so deeply that it allowed me to open up and be vulnerable enough to touch and shift such an old wound (and in a room full of people!!!)  thank you, thank you, thank you. You have such a beautiful gift of being able to hold people in a sacred profound way. The world is a better place because of it.”
Meagan D., Ottawa
~Meagan D., Ottawa
“I enjoy your style with abundance of teaching and precision of language that communicates and heals.”
Kevin P.
~Kevin P.
“I feel like I got the tip of the iceberg, of what Mark has to teach, in the one day workshop Mark just offered in NYC. It was great and I want more.”


Deborah Milosevich
~Deborah Milosevich
“Your strong fierce boundaries allowed me to trust you, which is very,very rare for me. You held the space so deeply that it allowed me to open up and be vulnerable enough to touch and shift such an old wound (and in a room full of people!!!)  thank you, thank you, thank you. You have such a beautiful gift of being able to hold people in a sacred profound way. The world is a better place because of it.”
Sherry Rounds, Ottawa
~Sherry Rounds, Ottawa

“Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful, transformative workshop with our students.  Two of our staff members who participated said it was the best workshop they’ve ever taken here.  They also deeply appreciated the time you took after the workshop to continue to answer their questions.”

Sandy Levine, Program Director of The New York Open Center
~Sandy Levine, Program Director of The New York Open Center
“I can’t say how happy I was to have you here! Thank you so much  for sharing with us your wisdom, knowledge and compassion.”
Claire Degenais, 2013 Montreal Training Program
~Claire Degenais, 2013 Montreal Training Program
“I just want to thank you again for such a great workshop at Kripalu!  I feel as though I’ve had about 6 months of therapy in just that one short weekend!  I loved the intimacy of our group, and watching you work with each person individually was remarkable.”
Jessica R.
~Jessica R.
Although I haven’t met a romantic partner yet since my family constellation, I am falling madly in love with my mother like never before. My relationship with my mother had turned 180 degrees! I am feeling an incredible amount of love. Of course, it also comes with grief for the years that we had missed each other’s love. So I just want to say thank you! The constellation transformed my relationship with my mother in real life. My relationship with my siblings have also transformed positively.
Kim D
~Kim D
“I wanted to thank you for your part in the amazing changes that have taken place in my life since the constellation. I had some profound and unexplainable experiences the few days following our constellation that confirmed everything you stated that day.”
“I have never forgotten my family constellation experience with you a few years ago. It was truly the most powerful healing experience I have ever had. The imagery of it has stuck in my mind and spirit as if I were there.”
Patricia G.
~Patricia G.
“How fortunate I attended the workshop and training!  i believe it is the great compassion and firm belief in humanity both you and Shannon hold that have guaranteed the beautiful work. Honestly, there’s not much right word i can find to describe what I have experienced.”
Melissa Zheng
~Melissa Zheng
“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing weekend.  I really loved every single minute of it.  Please convey my gratitude to Mark and Shannon.  They are both masterful. I want to take the workshop again ASAP so please keep me posted.”
I highly recommend Mark Wolynn to all of you dealing with family “stuff”. Went to one of his workshops a few years ago. He’s awesome!
Sally K.
~Sally K.
“el seminario fue espectacular y ha cambiado mi vida de manera positiva”
“The seminar was amazing and has changed my life in a positive way.”
“Mark is a trainer and facilitator of integrity, sensitivity and intelligence. He has a rare gift for getting to the heart of the issue. He is both honest and caring with those he works with. You are in good hands in his workshops and trainings and I heartily endorse his work.”
Jane Peterson
~Jane Peterson Director & Founder
Human Systems Institute
“Thank you for your wonderful classes. I truly believe you touch all your students in a special, caring way.”
Lee Nesler, General Curator, The Pittsburgh Zoo

~Lee Nesler, General Curator, The Pittsburgh Zoo

“After having a Family Constellation, I feel like I no longer need to be responsible for my mother’s pain.”
Helen Rudy, Web Designer
~Helen Rudy, Web Designer
“You are incredibly skilled at what you do. Beautiful offering to the world.”
P. Gordon
~P. Gordon
“I feel like I have a whole new relationship to food. Now I feel grateful and deserving of the food that I eat. Thank you a thousand times over. How does a person thank someone for profoundly changing her life? I am eternally in your debt and filled with gratitude.”
Sally Winchell, Librarian

~Sally Winchell, Librarian

“I can finally take a full breath. I feel like a brick has been lifted off my chest. I’ve even started sleeping better and have stopped taking my sleep medication.”
Nancy Williams, Mother
~Nancy Williams, Mother
“I wanted to thank you for the help you have given me. It has made a profound difference in how I view myself and how I interact with others. I particularly found the Constellation Work remarkable… meaningful and revealing… truly amazing. I would like very much to attend more of these sessions and work with this group in the future. A profound THANK YOU!”
Karen Herzog, Artist
~Karen Herzog, Artist
“I feel like I have more energy than I’ve ever had before. I just have a much better outlook and feel much better about everything that’s going on. I feel like I’ve really overcome some issues that I’ve had with myself, and I’m much, much happier because of it. I’ll certainly recommend you and really appreciate all your help.”
C. Fitzgerald, Business Owner
~C. Fitzgerald, Business Owner
“I feel like I have awakened from a frightening recurrent nightmare. Everything seems quiet and calm, like the beginning of a radiant day after a summer night’s storm.”
Rhonda Constantine, Retail Manager

~Rhonda Constantine, Retail Manager

“I see hundreds of faces every day in my job, so I have learned how to read body language and I look in their eyes to see who they are. By doing so, I decide who I could ask for help in an emergency, and also, who might be a threat. I saw something special in your eyes. I would have picked you as one I could trust in an emergency, and I saw kindness. Thank you again.”
Brenda, Flight Attendant
~Brenda, Flight Attendant
“I no longer have the fear of being raped when I go out. I didn’t realize how afraid I was until the fear went away. This work has been totally life-transforming. I now feel I want to live again!”
Laura K., Biologist

~Laura K., Biologist

“I want to thank you for the healing which began in the session on Saturday. For the remainder of the weekend I marveled at the release I continued to experience and enjoy. Returning to work on Monday, I noticed the absence of anxiety.”
Marilyn Shapiro, Financial Analyst
~Marilyn Shapiro, Financial Analyst
“My relationship with my father continues to grow stronger. We now talk more than ever. Before we end our phone conversations, we now say, “I love you” to one another, and fully experience the true meaning of those three words. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you!”
Tamara Santucci, Consultant
~Tamara Santucci, Consultant
“I feel very different after the experience. Prior to the constellation, I already knew I was limited in my ability to love my husband and children. I have struggled with this for years, but anytime I try to speak to anyone about it, they tell me I am the best mother and wife they know. This only made me feel like the “best fake mother and wife,” because I did not feel what they were seeing. After the constellation, I feel free to love them in a way I doubted could happen. This is a very powerful change for me that I shudder to think I could have gone my entire life without ever experiencing or having them experience.
Barbara C.
~Barbara C.
A lot happened the week to follow for me and my family. I always knew this part was there but didn’t know how to bring it to the surface as there was so much emotion and confusion. I truly feel like a different person now. It is impossible to put into words all that has come from that piece.

Maryann Thomas, Physical Therapist
Maryann Thomas, Physical Therapist
I just wanted to write and say thank you to you for coming to England and for the amazing life-changing experience. The constellations are like nothing I have ever experienced before and have had a profound effect on my life. I can’t believe the changes taking place right before my eyes and on a much deeper level. We look forward to welcoming you once again to England next year.
Jolene T., Accountant
~Jolene T., Accountant
“Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect upon some of the experiences that emerged in my sessions with Mark. To say these sessions were enlightening would be an extreme understatement. I am thankful for Mark’s role in helping me with my spiritual journey. This work is a must for anyone committed to spiritual growth.
Jeff Joy, Vice President, Investments, Prudential Securities
~Jeff Joy, Vice President, Investments, Prudential Securities
“I took the facilitators’ training with him and participated in several workshops that he conducted and I know first-hand how effective and safe he is in helping participants move through their issues. The results for me were life changing.
Danuta Jirik, Ph D.
~Danuta Jirik, Ph D.
“Your ability to bring difficult and non-negotiable reality to painful situations, yet with transparent and palpable compassion, is a remarkable gift–and your humility in treating it as such is a lesson.
Linden Condeni
~Linden Condeni
“Thank you so much again for the incredible weekend. I have been searching so long for work such as this. I am so happy and grateful that I was able to connect and have the opportunity to have this experience. I am very excited to bring you down and have you share your work with so many other people I know that would benefit greatly from this illuminating work.
Suzanne Winlove-Smith, Instructor
~Suzanne Winlove-Smith, Instructor
What an incredible weekend we have had! We were not sure what to expect but the work exceeded anything we could have imagined! It has impacted us as individuals and drawn us together as a couple in many new ways. We learned more about each other in the 2 day workshop than in 27 years of marriage. This workshop is a must for any individual or couple ready to move out of the ‘hum drum’ and into ‘spectacular living!’
Mike & Ellen Parish
~Mike & Ellen Parish
“There aren’t words for the changes I have had since doing your work just a few days ago. You set free the biggest block I still had in “me” and I am no longer “trying” every day. I am at peace after decades of “trying”. Thank you.”
Vince Bostich, Business Owner
~Vince Bostich, Business Owner
“I no longer feel dread when I go to work. I feel much more confident and less anxious. I no longer feel like I have to fight everything.”
Pamela Solomon, Nurse
~Pamela Solomon, Nurse
“Thanks again for the constellation. It seems to have been a watershed event, giving me some understanding of the origins of my Parkinson’s.”
Tom D.
~Tom D.
“I wish that I could find the words to express the harmony and peace that I feel in my soul. What I had been carrying around all of this time, since before my thoughts were my own, was pure anxiety and sadness. Yesterday I almost didn’t come, but I prayed on it hoping for clarity in my soul. You gave me a priceless level of understanding. The only thing that I say is Thank you.”
“I really appreciate the time you spent with me. The benefits are coming through daily, and the anxiety has also lessened. I also feel lighter, and younger if that makes any sense. Thanks again for your help.”
Elizabeth T
~Elizabeth T

“The Founders HIGHLY recommend this. Mark Wolynn is truly an impeccable teacher, human being and has amazing intuitive skills.”

Higher School for Conscious Evolution
~Higher School for Conscious Evolution
“I don’t even know where to begin regarding the impact of the Saturday workshop. So, I’ll just express it by letting you know how life-changing your work is. And so, I referred a client to you today for family constellation work.”
Judith Gusky, Licensed professional counselor
~Judith Gusky, Licensed professional counselor
“Well, it has been one month and I must say thank you very much, as I am feeling great. I do not even define myself as having anxiety anymore.”
Ari L.
~Ari L.
“This week has been huge, a kind of peace I have never felt in my life. It’s already very, very different to walk in my skin.”
Christine Mason McCaull
~Christine Mason McCaull
“I got so much out of it. My anxiety level decreased exponentially. Mark is amazing and so is the work.”
“I did my first group constellation yesterday. It went great! Thanks for everything you passed on to us.”
Bruce Kalish
~Bruce Kalish
“I just wanted to thank you so much for creating such a powerful, safe and amazing training. I learned so much and am feeling stronger and more loved with a clearer perspective. Thank you for opening the door.”
Beth R
~Beth R
“This training was truly an enlightening experience for me. I was amazed by what I learned and am really looking forward to getting things started. Thank you for guiding me towards a better place, and for the opportunity to know myself better.”
Lori B
~Lori B
“I wanted to thank you for your dedication and commitment to your work. I am still in shock on how effective family constellation therapy is… how trauma impacts our parents’ lives, our lives, and the lives of our children at such a deep emotional level. I have a hard time thinking that any other family constellation workshop will be better than the one you provide. Mark, you are just brilliant and incredibly intuitive.”
Celia Graterol
~Celia Graterol
“I was in your Core Language Training in Montreal this past weekend. As I’m applying the principles I learned in the workshop in my practice this week, I feel like I’ve struck gold. You’ve offered me THE missing puzzle piece & I feel so excited to learn more! I’d like to continue to learn from you.”
Johanna Lynn, Therapist
~Johanna Lynn, Therapist
“The difference that you help people to make in their lives is incredible! You possess an amazing gift and I can’t thank you enough for the work that you have done.”
Salvador del Viento
~Salvador del Viento
“Anyone who has worked with or experienced trauma will not want to miss the rare and unique approach Mark brings to this work. With a poet’s heart and a sage’s compassion, Mark’s deep sensitivities have allowed him access to pathways of healing that are profound. The workshop I attended with Mark a year ago continues to support how I hold myself and to deepen and enrich what I might bring to others.”
Shannon Zaychuk PhD, Chartered Psychologist
~Shannon Zaychuk PhD, Chartered Psychologist
“You have an exceptional way of mentoring me in a way that I don’t feel inadequate and I learn so much. This is the gift of a true teacher in the most profound sense of the word.”
Robyn Mott PhD
~Robyn Mott PhD
“Mark, I want to say from the bottom to top of my heart, Thank you for being so fierce to help so many people to find rest and peace.  You are awesome.”
Nancy Doyle
~Nancy Doyle
“I feel more relaxed and in a way happier.”
“Some things have shifted already – I feel lighter in a way I cannot really explain.”
Jim Vecchi
~Jim Vecchi
“Wanted to thank you again for the Level I Training – which was AWESOME!  I feel I got the final “piece” from working with my Mom and I can’t tell you how different I feel as a result.  Really whole and together.  Thank you!”
Susan Wenzel
~Susan Wenzel
“I am connecting more and more with my mother, I can even see the benefit of this in my own daughter, who recently met a great guy.”
Sylvia D.
~Sylvia D.
“I was truly touched by the profound healing power of the Family Constellation work and your skills and ability to facilitate healing for everyone in the training.  Every day since then has been filled with a greater sense of compassion, understanding and acceptance for myself and for those around me.”
Laura K.
~Laura K.
“Mark is a world class facilitator.”
Lone Sorrensen
~Lone Sorrensen
“I would like to take the opportunity to tell you what an honor it is to work with you.  I have studied with a lot of healing teachers and never encountered anyone who has had the clarity, sensitivity and depth of perception that you have.  In my opinion you really “get it”!”
Susan Wenzel, Brennan Graduate
~Susan Wenzel, Brennan Graduate
“The training was awesome. I am looking forward to coming back in June.”
Leah Kalish, Move With Me Action Adventures
~Leah Kalish, Move With Me Action Adventures
“You might not be able to take the weekend workshop but you can connect with him through his website to do a session. I suggest you drive to Marin to be in the same room with him.”
John Mifsud
~John Mifsud
“I now have the tools and skills to address the underlying sources of my clients’ core complaints. This approach has dramatically altered the way I work as a psychotherapist! I find myself changed in ways that feel both freeing and empowering….and this gift just naturally extends to my work with my clients!”
Laura Martin Taylor, MFT
~Laura Martin Taylor, MFT
“Your trainings have been life changing for me.
Paul Taber
~Paul Taber
“Mark is an outstanding leader of Hellinger work. I am always happy to recommend him.”
Carl Johan Calleman
~Carl Johan Calleman
“I am getting amazing results with integrating this work into my energy healing practice. Thanks, Mark.”
Lorraine DiGiovanni
~Lorraine DiGiovanni
“This is an incredibly intense, personal and life-changing experience. I came away with insights I had never previously considered, and it is still vivid in my mind months later. Highly recommend!”
Deborah Rose, Walking Alongside Personal Coaching
~Deborah Rose, Walking Alongside Personal Coaching
“I have been studying Constellation work for close to ten years now and last year’s training with Mark took my practice, understanding, scope and depth of this work to a whole new level. It also helped me to have an easy, cutting edge and very effective way to approach working in individual Constellation sessions with clients.”
Felice Laurel, Family Constellation Facilitator
~Felice Laurel, Family Constellation Facilitator
“I heard absolutely excellent things about your workshop. I am chagrined, once again, that I had to miss it, but was gratified to hear that others found it to be not only useful but deeply transformative. It sounds like you bring a very unique, valuable, and grounded voice to this work. I feel like we are really fortunate to be able to provide a platform for bringing your work to our community!”
Clara Lindstrom Programs Associate, Public Programs California Institute of Integral Studies
~Clara Lindstrom Programs Associate, Public Programs California Institute of Integral Studies
“I was astounded at how complex, yet simple, solutions can be. I immediately integrated this approach into my work with clients and was delighted to find that some of my most challenging cases were able to experience positive change immediately. This model of therapy has provided me with valuable answers to some of the most complicated questions, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wishing to deepen their awareness of themselves or enhance their work with clients.”
Gemma Stone, Registered Clinical Psychologist
~Gemma Stone, Registered Clinical Psychologist
“I wish I had all the words that could describe all you can learn and solve about yourself and your relatives with this approach… One is in awe while experiencing and watching how worries, traumas, situations are understood and tools are given to continue the healing process… I highly recommend it.”
Perlita Sultan, MD
~Perlita Sultan, MD
“Thanks so much for this training. It was excellent, not only in content but also in being very user friendly and applicable in patient care.”
Robert Zieve, MD
~Robert Zieve, MD
“Once again, I have been blown away by your intuitive, laser like, systemic approach and your enormous good will towards others, even the most ‘difficult’ and resistant of clients!”
Sally Devereux, Ph D
~Sally Devereux, Ph D
“His unique approach has enhanced my own exponentially beyond any other method I previously employed. Mark’s uncanny ability to uncover the essential dynamics operating beneath physical complaints is nothing short of miraculous. His technique enables a radical shift in perspective for both patients as well as for practitioners.”
Dr. Bruce Hoffman – Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
~Dr. Bruce Hoffman – Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
I highly recommend this workshop and can assure you you will be impressed. It was through the teachings of Mark and Shannon I was able to expand my own individual work. Those of you who have experienced it understand the impact is has in such a good way. Well worth attending.
Rosina Wellmann
~Rosina Wellmann