Amy Scuibba

Before I came to see you I battled with depression and anxiety for more than half my life and went through years of therapy, counseling, countless different medications, and one failed remedy after another. I began to think I had to live like this and then I came across your web site – I was amazed that after meeting with you just one time I made more progress with you in one 1 1/2 hour session than I did in 16 years of therapy. I have had three total sessions with you and that’s all I needed – a mere 3 months and I have my life back! I will never allow myself to believe that I have to live like that ever again – no one else should have to either. Thank you again!

Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine

I have been working within an Integrative Model of Medicine for the past twenty years. It has been apparent to me that when assisting an individual to achieve her full health potential, addressing her signs, symptoms and disease processes as well as addressing underlying emotional trauma, cognitive belief systems and family system entanglements remain the cornerstone of a successful therapeutic outcome. I have been a student of Mark Wolynn for the last year, studying his particular method of integrating emotional trauma with family constellation therapy. His addition to these two therapeutic processes has been the integration of a Core Language line of questioning. With the addition of this distinct piece, I have developed the ability to extract the most essential information required to work effectively with both developmental trauma issues as well as family system dynamics. His unique approach has enhanced my own exponentially beyond any other method I previously employed. I believe the subtly of language used is an essential element to the integration of this work. Furthermore, Mark’s uncanny ability to uncover, through this particular line of questioning and his acute observation of the unfolding field, the essential dynamics operating beneath physical complaints is nothing short of miraculous. His technique enables a radical shift in perspective for both those patients who have struggled for a considerable amount of time to understand the events underlying their disease causality as well as for those practitioners and clinicians involved in this work. The new healing image that is evoked in this combined cognitive as well as phenomenological approach has proven to be a deep resource for the patients’ movement towards an integrated healing process.