List of Early Trauma Questions

1. Did something traumatic happen while your mother was pregnant with you?

2. Was she highly anxious, depressed, or stressed?

3. Were your parents having difficulties in their relationship during the pregnancy?

4. Did you experience a difficult birth? Were you born premature? Forceps?

5. Did your mother experience postpartum depression?

6. Were you separated from your mother shortly after birth?

7. Were you adopted?

8. Did you experience a trauma or a separation from your mother during the first three years of life?

9. Were you or your mother ever hospitalized and forced to be apart (maybe you spent time in an incubator, or had your tonsils removed or some other medical procedure, or your mother needed to have surgery or experienced a complication from a pregnancy, etc.)?

10. Did your mother experience a trauma or emotional turmoil during your first three years of life (death of a parent, grandparent or sibling, a separation or divorce, etc.)?

11. Did your mother give away a child, or lose a child or pregnancy before you were born?

12. Was your mother’s attention pulled to a trauma involving one of your siblings (a late-term miscarriage, a stillbirth, a death, a medical emergency, etc.)?

13. Did either your father or your mother have a break in the bond with his or her mother? These early traumas are heritable.

Twenty-one Success Questions
Here are twenty-one questions to consider when exploring how your family history can influence your success:

1. Did you have a challenging relationship with your mother?

2. Did you have a challenging relationship with your father?

3. Were your parents successful at what they did for a living?

4. Did a parent fail in providing for the family?

5. Did your parents separate when you were young?

6. What was your mother’s attitude toward your father?

7. What was your father’s attitude toward your mother?

8. When you were young, did you experience a physical or emotional separation from your mother?

9. Did your mother, father, or a grandparent die young?

10. Did you, your parents, or your grandparents have any siblings who died young?

11. Did you or anyone in your family gain significantly at someone else’s expense?

12. Was anyone cheated out of an inheritance?

13. Did anyone inherit or acquire wealth unjustly?

14. Did anyone in your family go bankrupt, lose the family wealth, or cause the family to experience financial difficulty?

15. Did anyone outside your family cause your family to experience financial difficulty?

16. Was anyone rejected for being a failure, a loser, a gambler, et cetera?

17. Did anyone lose a home or possessions and have difficulty recovering?

18. Do you have impoverished ancestors? 19. Did you or your parents emigrate?

20. Were your family members forced to flee or driven out of their homeland?

21. Did you or anyone else in your family hurt, cheat, or take advantage of someone?


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