Below are some of the workshops we offer throughout North America.
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Family Constellation Workshop

 “Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations.”

                                                                                        -Bertold Ulsamer

A Family Constellation is a three-dimensional group process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, observed that many of us unconsciously “take on” destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, aloneness, alcoholism and even illness as a way of “belonging” in our families. Bonded by a deep love, a child will often sacrifice his own best interests in a vain attempt to ease the suffering of a parent or other family member.

Family Constellations allow us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The results can be life-changing.

Free to Love: Creating Great Relationships

Whether we’re single or in a relationship, this workshop is designed to get to the heart of what prevents us from having the closeness we all desire. We’ll explore the forces that influence relationship choices on a subconscious level — silent sabotage, hidden family loyalties, invisible identifications, as well as the habitual behaviors that erode our intimate relationships. We’ll examine in depth the various dynamics that affect intimacy, learn how to determine who holds the true weight in a relationship, and demonstrate the importance of an equal balance of giving and taking. You will learn:

  • What influences relationship choices on a subconscious level
  • The four unconscious themes operating when relationships struggle
  • Twenty invisible dynamics that can erode intimacy
  • Three ways relationships can be significantly damaged or significantly strengthened
  • How to preserve aliveness and establish your full weight with a partner

Participants will have the opportunity to experience Family Constellations, a three-dimensional learning process designed to reveal the hidden dynamics and unconscious family loyalties that limit our ability to have successful relationships. Once these unseen dynamics are brought to light, a new life course can be set in motion. Once we are free of entanglements from the past, new ways of giving and receiving love can begin to take root.

Illness: Our Unconscious Connection to the Family

If you or one of your children struggle with an illness, chronic pain or persistent condition, you could be unconsciously reliving “unfinished business” in your family history. Unresolved traumas and hidden family loyalties can lie beneath many of our physical and emotional symptoms.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the underlying family dynamics that affect all facets of health. You will also learn how to break unconscious patterns and resolve the obstacles that stand in your way. 

Mark Wolynn is one of North America’s foremost family constellation facilitators. He is especially skilled at pinpointing the source of persistent symptoms. Once these unseen dynamics are brought to light, a deep life shift can begin to unfold. The results can be life-changing.


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