Allison M.

“Since coming to your workshop I’ve been seeing an improvement in my irritable bowel syndrome.”


The work you do to embody the trauma is so efficient and so direct that I feel like I have been waiting a long time to experience it in this way


I attended Mark’s workshop this weekend in Victoria and I loved his approach to constellation work. Research-based, attachment-based, very accessible to those brand new to the modality. Everyone got the chance to do some work, everyone received take-away practices. And Mark’s personal presence is warm and grounded, blended with a precision based on decades of experience in listening to what shows up. Thank you Mark!

Dr. Russ Kennedy

“As medical doctors we often treat the symptom, I’ve witnessed Mark identify the pattern and treat the cause.”

Geoffrey Schwartz

“I took a 3-full day workshop with Mark Wolynn last year called “Family Constellations”. The healing and utilization of collective energy to heal and offer resolution I witnessed was nothing short of miraculous.”

Gregg S.

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your teachings. I’m am filled with gratitude as my understanding deepens. Each fleck of wisdom shines a light of compassion on the world around me and I see opportunities for something better. I look forward to learning more.”

Georgia R.

“I’ve participated in many constellations and trainings. I have to say Mark Wolynn is the best I know. It’s some of the most powerful re-programming of unconscious patterns that I’ve found.”

Liz M.

“Settling back in after amazing training. It had more of an impact than I realized–I mean as a client, not just a student. Such rich work…”

Jessica K.

“And Mark’s intuition and trust in his skill as an instructor is simply incredible to be around. He’s a master at his ‘craft’, no question about it!!!”7

Judy B.

“I was in awe of your intuitiveness, insight and your trust in yourself. Your are such a role model for ME, and I thank you for this.”