Online Training

Inherited Family Trauma Training

with Mark Wolynn

Join Mark Wolynn, author of the award-winning It Didn’t Start With You (Viking/Penguin), and learn effective ways to break inherited patterns of suffering. Whether you’re already working with people or just want to learn more, this professional development course is a fast track to deepening your clinical skills.

In this training, you will learn how to work with clients—both online and in person—identifying the unconscious loyalties, unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics that contribute to patterns of illness, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. You’ll also be given the tools and essential skills to implement practical and safe interventions to deepen your client’s healing process.

It didn't start with you

How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle (Viking/Penguin)

Learn how the traumas of our parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents can live in our unexplained depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, obsessive thoughts and physical symptoms—what scientists are now calling “secondary PTSD.”

Documenting the latest epigenetic research—how traumatic memories are transmitted through chemical changes in DNA—and the latest advances in neuroscience and the science of language, It Didn’t Start With You is an accessible and pragmatic guide to breaking inherited family patterns.

What People Say

Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful, transformative workshop with our students. Two of our staff members who participated said it was the best workshop they’ve ever taken here. They also deeply appreciated the time you took after the workshop to continue to answer their questions.
Sandy Levine
Program Director of The New York Open Center
His unique approach has enhanced my own exponentially beyond any other method I previously employed. Mark’s uncanny ability to uncover the essential dynamics operating beneath physical complaints is nothing short of miraculous. His technique enables a radical shift in perspective for both patients as well as for practitioners.
Dr. Bruce Hoffman
Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine
I heard absolutely excellent things about your workshop. I am chagrined, once again, that I had to miss it, but was gratified to hear that others found it to be not only useful but deeply transformative. It sounds like you bring a very unique, valuable, and grounded voice to this work. I feel like we are really fortunate to be able to provide a platform for bringing your work to our community!
Clara Lindstrom
Programs Associate, California Institute of Integral Studies
As medical doctors, we often treat the symptom. I’ve witnessed Mark identify the pattern and treat the cause.
Dr. Russ Kennedy
The Anxiety MD

It Didn't Start With You

How Trauma is Passed Down to Our Children

Signs of Inherited Family Trauma

Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times